What we do

Simplify Selling Online! Period!
Setup your ‘MWB’ Store once to easily sync asnd sell across the Website we build for you, Social Media, Third Party Markets such as Amazon…All with the 000’s of winning products that we both provide access to as well as managing Order Processing. Want to bring your own products? Also not a problem, our platform will allow you to seamlessly load these products on your WordPress Website and with a simple click have them on all other platforms.

You Sell

Our Platform gives you the power to easily sell on our pre-built wordpress website as well as any other platform that we think will be strategic in building your brand. Control everything from a single portal that we provide for you, with centralized inventory, Order Processing, pricing, that simple!

Sell on your Website

We will design a beautiful Responsive Website, provide Free Hosting, Free Domain Services, Free Logo Design. Then we will pass this on to you. Feel free to change the color, the design, then let us start building your online brand

Sell on Social Media

Easily add and sell your products on your Facebook and Instagram Feeds to let shoppers browse and make purchase from any platform that they see fit.

You Market

The beautiful thing about our system is that the only thing you need to master is your Dashboard. Your super Dashboard will allow you to manage all your marketing in one place. Your store is ready, you have started selling but need help optimizing your sales & getting traffic

Google Advertising

Get your products to the top of the world’s most powerful search engine. Google Advertising has never been easier nor faster. All you have to do is choose the audience, products you want to advertise & just relax. ‘MWB’ will take care of the rest. Plus! you will be able to track your results in the Dashboard

Advertise on Social Media

‘MWB’ will automatically generate Facebook & Instagram ads for you, using the productsyou chose in your store. The platform will help you target the right audience and reach billions of potential customers.

You Manage

Manage everything from your control panel or using your mobile app. Set up your centralized inventory, pricing. With our centralized order processing system we will process orders, manage shipping and returns. 

Manage Your Store from the Mobile App

Control your store from anywhere with  your Super Dashboard, available on Desktop and on mobile as a Mobile App. Receive push notification with every order, manage your products, share them on Social Media, accepts payments offline, manage orders, and more

Fast Order Management

Manage your orders, update your customer on their shipping status, print invoice, and much more from your Desktop or App

Let us Get Started

Read this information to better understand the process involved in getting you online

Select a package that suits you best, order your custom Webstore, select a niche or items for a general store, based on your selected package.

A representative will reach out to you to discuss the project and strategize. Get acquainted that will be your go to person for everything from a pin to an anchor. 

Enjoy the few days of freedom while we Build your Beautiful Responsive Website

We will launch an online version of the website for testing to get your feedback and comments.  We will help to set up payment methods and provide you with the necessary  training to get started

We publish your store in 5 days so you can start selling everywhere that matters. With just a few clicks sell on your wensite, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, ebay, Google Shopping Network and more

Automate your marketing and promote your products in a few easy steps on Social platforms, Google and youtube

Control your store & manage your products from your control panel & mobile app. Need help? No Problem! We are available by e-mail, live chat as well as telephone

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